Using Reports and Charts to Measure People’s Performance

Using Reports and Charts to Measure People’s Performance

The typical sales manager is unwilling to require that there sales team submit reports on time, because they remember having to do this task and hating it. “However, if you’re going to manage people, the first requirement is that you know what they’re doing and what their activities are”… So says Master Sales Trainer, J.Douglas Edwards.

There is no way you can manage production, you can only manage activity. To do so, you must know what is happening. A daily or weekly report, designed on the simple checklist basis and taking somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes to complete is highly recommended. There are numerous computer programs that will enable you to create comprehensive reports and visually pleasing charts do this correctly and quickly.

Please visit and review six easy to use charts to complement your reports.

  • Vertical Bar Charts
  • Horizontal Bar Charts
  • Pie Chart
  • Line Charts
  • Scatter Plot
  • Histogram

Review the reports, contact the salespeople about them, and make spot checks. The best system is the daily report on which you report the days activities and plans for tomorrow

Use reports and charts to take charge of each salesperson’s activities. Over a period of time you will be able to establish direct relationships between activity and the results. You will then have a management tool with which you can predict results on the cause and affect basis. This tool can be used in assisting salespeople in analysing their activities, results and production. It will also enable you to see problems and concerns coming and to take corrective action, sooner rather than later.

Have your salespeople begin keeping their own charts, on performance in an acceptable computer programs. This will provide much discipline, direction and motivation.

We strongly believe that what gets measured, gets done.

Some ideas that would assist in making you or your sales team to be more productive would include

1….. Minimal time spent on administrative tasks. We all have administrative tasks to complete, but for best sales results these must be minimised. Many high preforming salespeople employ Admin Assistants.

2….. Good salespeople spend a lot of time in the field, out of the office. This obviously depends on your job role. To have maximum effect in the field, make sure you have the best of Mobil communication and collaboration tools

3….. A friendly CRM system. Customer relationship management system. These provide a multitude of information for the salesperson

4….. Sales training. We believe in the saying… Don’t blame them train them. We all need constant reinforcement in the skills required to be a top performing salesperson. We all need regular opportunities to share best practices and results.

5….. Go fishing with a fish are. Target your efforts on your target audience for best results

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