The Psychology of the Salesperson

A salesperson is a person who can sell themselves to themselves. They must be able to analyse….To know…”What did I do that was right?”

It’s management’s job to analyse… “What did they do that was wrong”, and correct it through interactive sales training and mentoring.

Fine physical appearance build belief. The salesperson should dress like the people that their prospects go to for advice. It’s always good to dress for success.

Success should be compounded…… Don’t relax after you made a sale. The salesperson is a most competitive animal and they are at their most effective level just after the conclusion of a sale

A Sales Manager can’t manage a salesperson’s production, but they can manage and must manage their activities. An effective Sales Manager can also build egos and make sure the salesperson’s partner do the same

“On sales ethics…… If your prospect qualifies as to need, desire and financial capability, it is your obligation to win their business. Many salespeople and Sales Managers forget that they represent their company not the prospect. Don’t put yourself on the wrong side of the fence” quote from J.Douglas Edwards, Master Sales Trainer.

Sales training often overtrains on product features.

When you teach product, teach it in terms of the product benefits for the prospect and what’s in it for them. This is what interests them most. This is what they will buy.

J. Douglas Edwards, Master sales trainer says “Salespeople often suffer from a rejection complex. The way to kill this is to sell the salesperson on the understanding of the percentage factor. It’s a fact that a certain percentage will always say no, although by the same token, a certain percentage will always say yes… If you ask!”

Always remember the power of a positive mindset. It’s infectious.

“Achievers are willing to pay the price of achievement. They sacrifice, struggle, work on, perhaps alone, wary, and discouraged, and yet at each stage overcome the negative. Overcoming the negative is the price of achievement….The Price of greatness” …Wynn Davis

It will take you far.

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