The Psychology of the Power Presentation

The Psychology of the Power Presentation

It Sales training The psychology of power presentations Get the prospect physically involved.

This is the first major secret of a successful presentation or demonstration. The more of the sensors you get them to use, the better the chance of getting the sale.

One thing you always can use is this….Get them to write. Have a pad and pen handy to use and they will remember what you say better. You should always remember the power words:

“I’ll just make a note of that”. Use these during your presentation. When you use these words, it shows you care and that you are professional.

Check out and view word tracks/power words.

If your demonstration uses the actual product, let them do it. Put them in it or put them on it and let them run it. See the product through the prospect’s eyes. Demonstrate the things the prospect wants to buy. These will be the prospects dominant buying motives.

If you can’t actually demonstrate, you need good visual aids e.g. a short video on an iPad. All kinds of aids are available, but remember, orient them to the prospect. Get them involved. Remember they want the benefits of the
product, not the product itself. It’s all about….what’s in it for them!

Professional selling requires you to know and excel at the whole sales process, not just the presentation. Plan at all. Every step. Engage in some regular sales training to sharpen your skills.

Practice, drill and rehearse until it becomes a set of reflex actions

Today the selling attitude is casual, conversational. Use your normal voice, your conversational inflection, and you’ll earn more business more easily.

As J.Douglas Edwards, Master sales trainer said…”Remember, in your presentation, a picture is worth a thousand words”

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