Arguably, one of the world’s greatest ever sales trainers, the late J. Douglas Edwards said “Nobody wants to buy anything, they have already bought too much, haven’t they?”

Whether you know it or not, in the process of talking to the person you are trying to persuade to buy your product or service, you use words that may build objections in their minds.

Words are just so powerful, so let’s make a real effort to replace the nasty words you may use, with the most effective and positive good words listed below.





Buy Own
Sell Become involved with
Sign Okay, endorse, approve
Contract Company paperwork
Paying Investing
Monthly payment Monthly investment
Workplace jargon Simple easy words
Sales Pitch Presentation
Deal Opportunity
Commission Fee for service
Deposit Part payment
Cheap Inexpensive
Can’t “Can”
Sir. Madam Their name
today Whilst I’m here
Objections Opportunity
Problem Issue, or an opportunity


Recommended reading   How to Master the Art of Selling…Tom Hopkins


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