The Fine Art of Communication

Communication skills. Your ability to communicate orally with other people is one of the foundations of your ability to succeed and excel in sales. It requires much more than just saying words, it requires voice control.

According to Master sales trainer, J. Douglas Edwards, “there are five factors which comprise your voice. How you use these vocal elements largely determines the effect you have on people that you communicate with and to.”

The five factors are:

1….. Range

2….. Volume

3….. Pace

4….. Pitch

5….. Diction

The successful salesperson creates the affect they want by using the low register of range, a medium to soft volume, a slower pace, full pitch and a slightly slurred diction.

Talk to the client in their language. Match and mirror their words and their tone. Learn, understand and use their buzzwords.

Most of us have two vocabularies in our communication skills basket. Oral communication and written communication. We have to learn to… Say it in writing. Talk in correspondence in letters or email, don’t write it.

Many sales are made when the salesperson can’t be present. Develop your proposal or your prospectus to say…look at you… not look at me. If technical language is used, keep it at a minimum and include a non-technical summary. There is great power in simple words, short sentences and word pictures.

Encourage the use of visual presentations through PowerPoint, video and U Tube. They tie together the oral and written communication.

The provision and use of video testimonials Is hugely recommended.

The use of video testimonials can be an absolute deal maker for the prepared and professional salesperson.

As Jim Rohn so wisely said… “Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people”

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