J. Douglas Edwards was the man who personally, and single-handedly, created the new generation of sales professionals. During the 1950’s 60’s and 70s’, no individual has changed the basics of any profession more profoundly than J. Douglas Edwards changed the selling profession.

Hundreds of thousands of sales and sales management professionals have profitably used the texts researched and developed by J. Douglas Edwards.

His impact is almost beyond comprehension. By addressing over 200,000 people every year, by conducting incredibly effective high intensity training workshops, for all segments of business and industry, as a professional consultant and advisor to many highly placed corporate executives, he redefined selling as a profession.

His recordings for business and industry were all bestsellers. His personality and methods have been featured in countless presentations.

J. Douglas Edwards was internationally recognised as the ultimate “Master of Persuasion” and persuasion techniques. He turned these techniques into a new science and reduced the science into an understandable, crisp, clear strategy….

The strategy of the new generation of sales professionals!

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