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Closing With Combinations

“No single close will ever gain you a sale; you must know a series of closes to complete the sale. It normally takes between five and eight closes to reach sale’s success”…J. Douglas Edwards, the godfather of modern day sales training and techniques.

However, the chosen combination of these closers is the key; following a specific formula:


2…Reach back for a benefit the prospect previously accepted

3…Ask an active question

Every prospect has the right to say “no” until they have had multiple reinforcement to say yes. Multiple or combination closing is multiple reinforcement to say yes to your presentation.

You start closing not when you open your mouth, but only after you have identified what it is that the prospect wants. Signals will indicate their desire to buy.

1…Pleased response to major benefits

2…Whenever you can, identify an objection as major and handle it

3…Whenever a test close or trial clos is answered positively

A lot of words must be memorised in order to build your closing skills because have to create that emotional climate which leads to a yes decision.

Basic closers discussed in detail on in the section Word Tracks 5 Basic Closes include:

1…Order Blank close

2…Similar Situation Close…Positive story plus negative story

3…The 1-10 Close

4…The Alternate of choice close

5…The Lost Sale close

“Power comes from knowing how to do something. People with power are people who know how to get things done. Sometimes knowing how to get something is virtually the same as having it done. So when we educate ourselves, we build power to accomplish our goals.”
….Quote from “The best of Success” by Wynn Davis

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