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 The amateur will try to sell to anyone, but the professional always, yes always qualifies first. It’s a waste of your time to try to sell to unqualified buyers. And you must qualify for more than money.

Nobody buys anything logically. People buy emotionally. Logic is there to retain the sale after the fact. If we bought logically we would buy only those things is essential to our survival. This is as true for industrial products as it is for home products and real estate.

The qualification process is a question system. First, if they own or once something like what you’re selling, ask them what they liked most about it.

 Then what they most want to change about it. Now you know what they really want.

 Then ask how the family or business has changed since they have owned it. The answers are reasons for them to buy something new.

Use triplicate of choice questions when qualifying for money (total, monthly and original investment).

Your responsibility is to know your total line of products so well that the minute you finish the qualification you can visualise the solution that will serve them best.

It is really essential that you know more than the prospect knows about the benefits and values of your product or service.


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