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A salesperson is a person who can sell themselves to themselves. They must be able to analyse “What did I do that was right”.  It’s managements job to analyse what they’re doing that was wrong

Fine physical appearance build belief. The salesperson should dress like the people that their prospects go to for advice.

Success should compounded……don’t relax after you have made a sale. The salesperson is a competitive animal. Competition can be built by encouraging head-to-head combat.

A  sales manager can’t manage a salesperson’s production….but they can and must manage their activity. Your sales manager can also build egos and make sure the salesperson’s partners do the same.

On ethics…… if your prospect qualifies as to need, desire and financial capability, it is your obligation to win their business. Many salespeople, sales managers forget that they represent their company, not the prospect. Don’t get on the wrong side of the fence.

Sales training often overtrains on product and benefits.

When you teach product, teach it in terms of the benefits for the prospect and what’s in it for them. This is what interests them most.

Salespeople often suffer from a rejection complex. The way to kill this is to sell the salesperson on understanding and accepting the percentage factor. A certain percentage will always say no, although by the same token, a certain percentage will always say yes… If you ask!

Always remember the power of a positive mindset. It will take you far.



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