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Reflexing sales techniques is what differentiates the professionals in selling from other salespeople

Objections are your objective…when objections don’t occur, the prospect probably can’t afford your product or service.  The professional seeks objections which act as indicators required to close the sale.  The professional salesperson doesn’t hurry to answer objections.  They leave the prospect to answer them for themselves.

Every prospect has reflexed objections built into their buying process.  The professional salesperson thoroughly tests those objections.  They require the prospect to validate the objections which are truly meaningful to them.

Eliminate minor objections fast….hear them out and feedback their objection to them.

They will either abandon it or validate.   80% of their objections will be eliminated here.

Then ask a clarification question….just to clarify my thinking.

Finally ask a controlled conclusion question.

Lead any major objection to a close by using the major objection switch off question. If the objection remains, lead it to a closing questions sequence.

Pre-plan an objection to close on by understanding the prospect buying motives which will direct their objections and provide you with the path to close.

Selling in the depressed market requires your ability to use specific objections handles as outlined by J Douglas Edwards

1.      Inflation technique

2.      No budget objection technique

3.      Objection bypass technique

Objections….you can’t sell without them and you have to learn to love them by professionally handling rejection to your benefit.



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