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Highly successful salespeople have enormous conviction of their own success and they dwell on what they did right. They are very competitive and have the entire sales process turned into reflexes. Professional salespeople use a practiced, drilled and rehearsed presentation.

After qualifying prospect, a professional salesperson decides what they are going to buy and then leads them to that decision. Much of this is done through the use of questions. This is an ethical practice  because a professional is obligated to know more than the prospect does about the best solution to the prospect’s needs and wants.

Closing is the name of the game. You don’t need to take no for an answer until you run out of ways to get a yes.  Top salespeople can give you, on average, 57 different closing techniques without pausing. Edwards discusses  closes, basic closes, closing questions and the “yes” closing.

A major sales motivation problem is the salesperson’s attitude about their job. Businesses require new money coming in or they fail. Salespeople are directly responsible for bringing in new money and it’s because of their efforts that businesses succeed.

What is needed?  More effort! You are earning what your skills and effort allow you to earn and no one is denied the right to be rich by anyone but themselves.


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