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Objections are good, not bad. If you don’t get any objections, you won’t get the sale. This is a fact. Objections are a sign of interest on the part of the prospect. Objections indicate what they want to buy….They are signposts on the way to the sale.

Remember, nobody wants to buy your products. Prospects want to buy only what products will do for them… The result….The product benefits. Objections, following investigation, will tell you what they want to buy, and that is all you need to sell them.

A condition is a reason for not buying that actually exists. But don’t take their word for it, test it. If no condition exists, it’s your fault if there is no sale. An objection is a reason for not buying that arises from the prospects lack of understanding, and it is usually based on insufficient information. It’s also a request for more information.

Here’s my formula for dealing with objections.

  1. Hear them out… Listen!
  2. Then question it. They will either re-evaluate it, give a hidden objection, or handle the objection themselves.
  3. Finally, confirm the answer and move forward.

Never answer their objection. Lead them to answer it themselves, because if they say it, it’s true


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