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The truly great salespeople, the super pro, has the selling situation in control from the moment of contact to the moment of close. Someone always takes control….it is the mediocre salesperson who allows the prospect to establish control first.

Before control devices can be used, the power of the human computer, the brain, must be understood. Automatic, passive and active information are controlled by the brain. As with any computer, however, the brain can compute only those things that are programmed into it. This programming technique requires… Practice… Drill… Rehearse… reprogramming, again and again, to build quality high sales skills and control competence.

As in all professions, practising sales professionals are those who practice the reflex actions of their skills every single day.

Factors to control:

1.       Control to a predetermined conclusion….determine early what the prospect wants to buy and control your presentation towards that target.

2.       Sell in Bunches like bananas….turn the control of the sale situation to your favour by multiplying the items being sold. This works particularly well for small ticket items.

3.       Control starts with the door breakers….use referrals, last name introduction, and product delivery techniques to… Open the door… which leads to the control of your presentation.

Control your sale through computerised reflexes.  Control is what great selling is all about.


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