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No single close will ever gain you’re the sale…you must know a series of closers to complete the sale. It normally takes between five and eight closers to reach sale success. However, the chosen combination of these closes is the key.  Following this specific formula is essential:

  1. Apologise
  2. Reach back for a benefit the prospect previously accepted
  3. Ask an active question

Every prospect has the right to say no until they have had multiple reinforcement to say yes. Multiple or combination closing is multiple reinforcement to say yes to your presentation.

You start closing not when you open your mouth but only after you have identified what it is that the prospect wants. Signals will indicate his or her desire to buy:

  1. A pleased response to major benefit
  2. Whenever you can identify an objection as major
  3. Whenever a test close/trial close works

A lot of words must be memorised in order to build your closing skills because you have to create that emotional climate which leads to a yes decision.

Basic closers discussed in detail including

  1. “Notebook” close
  2. “Similar situation” close
  3. “State of the economy” close
  4. “No choice alternate” close
  5. “Referral punch line” close

Memorise one close a week and you’re on your way to becoming a great professional.


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