Objections…obstacles or opportunity?

“We are going to talk about objections. The death knell of the amateur and the opportunity of the professional. You see, objections are good, not bad. If you don’t get objections during the process of making a presentation, I’ll make you an absolute promise, you’re not going to make the sale. I know you’ve all got the dream that someday you’re going to find someone who won’t object to anything. Maybe this will happen once in your lifetime.” So said legendary Sales Trainer J. DOUGLAS EDWARDS in one of his presentations on THE MASTERS OF SUCCESS Training Program.

You see if they are seriously interested they have to object…. but what are objections?

Objections, if you listen carefully, will indicate to you what they want. Objections are, in effect, signposts to the sale….if you will learn to listen. You see, if it wasn’t of concern they wouldn’t object.

Too many salespeople feel that an objection is a threat to them and to the sale. They feel they have to fight the objection. They have to prove themselves right, and prove the customer wrong. That is ridiculous. Understand that these objections are telling you what they want to buy. Then you have to understand that nobody wants to buy your product. Nobody wants to buy it. All they want to buy is what the product will do for them. They don’t want to buy what it is. They want to buy what it will do for them. And therefore the salesperson who is selling what the product is, is not selling.

The salesperson who is selling what it will do for them is the salesperson that is selling. Your prospects don’t want the product, they want the result

I don’t know how many of you own your own home but I’ll tell you something. You didn’t by the home. Your partner probably bought the kitchen and the bathroom. And when they bought that kitchen and the bathroom, the rest of the house went with it. Now, if you’re that salesperson who was selling that  home and trying  to sell what sort of nails used to put the house together, and a specific use of each kind and type of nail, and then, also tried to sell the varying concrete formulas that were used and the varying paint formulas that were used and the varying grades  of lumbar, would you even  listen to the completion of the presentation?

No, all you wanted to buy was what that home for you and your family. When you listen to your customers’ objections, you will learn very rapidly what it is that they want to buy and then it’s all up to you to win their business.

The smart Salesperson sells and encourages them to only purchase what they want to buy. When you do that, the rest of the product goes with it.

So, actively listening to their objections after the qualification period will give you the ultimate handle that you need to close more sales more often.

As J. DOUGLAS EDWARDS says repeatedly… “objections are good not bad!”

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