More Effective Prospecting – Referrals

More Effective Prospecting – Referrals

“Selling,first of all, is a matter of numbers. The more people you see, the more sales you will make.”… So says Master sales trainer J.Douglas Edwards.

One of the best ways to find new prospects for your product or service is by referrals.

One of the best times to ask for referrals is immediately after closing a sale. Give your new customers specific groups to consider when asking. Your goal is to get five names and as much information as you can by using a non-confrontational word track/script.

Go to and go to word tracks, and receive a proven and successful script on how to ask for referrals.

It’s a great idea to ask the customer to call the prospect for you once they have given you a name and a number. From personal experience about 60% of people will make the call in order to help you if they are happy with your product and service.

Get additional referrals when making follow-up calls after the product has been delivered.

Another great technique for gaining referrals is to get the names and numbers of the people next door and over the road who may purchase, when contacted. Newspapers also are full of leads that you could call. Your social media is also full of potential leads

Create a referral system which takes you to them. The easiest thing in the world to get rid of is a voice on the phone… Much harder to get rid of the body at the front door of a business. Don’t avoid the face-to-face approach. This face-to-face approach pays huge dividends, and very few do it.

The really top salespeople use leverage referrals. These are referrals from people who have prestige in a certain group. It is one of the best persuasion skills to develop and use.

Some of the proven and spectacular benefits of creating the habit of asking for referrals include:

Easier closes… Referral based sales close at a higher ratio of over 50%. Plus.

More trust….One of the key elements that anyone faces when dealing with you is…” Can they trust you.” When you are referred to your customer, trust is already established.

No or low cost….Normally there is no fee when obtaining referrals. All you have to do is form the habit of all true professional salespeople. That is, asking for referrals and every appropriate time.

Speed… Referrals take you less time to complete the sales process.

Price concerns….Most referrals will either accept your offer or at least allow you to match the price of a competitive offer.

In order to be successful you have to get off the ground. Like an aeroplane. This means full throttle until you are airborne. Selling is the cornerstone of the free enterprise system.

It is your obligation, every single day, to prove that it works.

You can start now with all of your satisfied and happy customers on your database. You will be amazed at how many of these people will be happy to recommend you to their friends and/or business associates.

To succeed at prospecting you will need a good dose of persistence.

“Persistence is the ability to face defeat again and again without giving up… To push on in the front of great difficulty. Persistence means taking pains to overcome every obstacle, to do all that is necessary to reach your goal.”…
Wynn Davis.

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