I’ll just make a note of that… This phrase is absolutely one of the greatest million-dollar phrases we can give you.

When you say these words to a customer, what they hear is you care, they are important and you are a person they would like to become involved with. When used with a pen to write, it also helps you to remember key facts so much more. 

 Other than that…


These three words will assist you massively in managing and overcoming any and all objections.

When you get an objection, acknowledge it and ask… so, “other than that, are you happy to move forward”?

 We recommend… These two words are all powerful. Just think to yourself, when a doctor or an accountant or someone you have faith in says to you…We recommend” – Are you likely to argue with them?  I don’t think so.

When you are making a point about the value of your product or service or one of the real benefits of your product or service, use the term “We recommend”.   It carries a lot of weight.

Would you reserve the right to change your mind if we could better tailor our proposal to your specific needs? These truly, when practiced, I believe and know, will be a lifesaver when you receive a major objection.

When you get the objection just say – “that’s okay”, and ask the prospect, “could you ask you a question?”  Everybody says yes.  Then ask them …”Would you reserve the right to change your mind if we could better tailor our proposal to your specific needs”?

The majority of prospects will answer “Yes”.


By the way…

These three words can, when used every day every time, will boost the value of every sale that you make.

For example, you run a coffee shop. Everybody comes in and asks for a cup of coffee. Coffee costs $4. They leave.

If you want to make additional sales it’s just so easy, ask everybody who buys a coffee the following… “How do you have your coffee”?  … I’ll have a cappuccino to go with skinny milk….”Thanks, by the way, we have an all-new raisin toast or our most popular chocolate muffin”  – Which would you prefer”?

Statistics prove most people will take one or the other, and some will take both. It is a small percentage that take neither. You will never know until you ask!!


The words you use and the phrases you use have the power to make or break the sale for you. Always pick the right ones to use and remember….People do business with people they like!


The words you use on a regular basis will have a profound influence on your sales results, your relationships and your life.

Choose wisely.

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