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Objection Prevention

Wouldn’t it be great if we could prevent objections before they come up?

Wouldn’t it also be great if we were proactive rather than reactive when managing common objections thus getting them handled and out of the way early?

There are no new objections.  We know, from experience, dependent on our industry, what people are going to object to. There really is a list of the top five objections. Have you prepared one for your industry? It is a great sales training exercise to do.

What do you think would happen if you were to bring some of these objections up before your customer did?  What would happen?

Jeffrey Gitomer, the Sales King, states that “if you can anticipate the objection, you can prevent them from occurring”.  Sounds simple …  it just requires preparation and practice. It takes time, creativity, and focus to make it happen. Please try hard. Your reward for a superior effort with Objection Prevention will be superior sales results…. Which leads to a superior fat wallet and more happy customers and the very pleasing referrals.

To assist you in the prevention of objections and the quest of being proactive rather than reactive, consider the use of an Evidence Manual.

Evidence Manual

This is a hardcopy A4 folder or Laptop file which essentially reduces the fear of the customer doing business with you through the examination of written or video evidence from past or current clients.   This should be in four sections.

  • Section 1: Information about you.  “People do business with people they like”.  Give them a biographical story on you.
  • Section 2: A number of testimonials from current and previous clients, preferably on video…. so much more powerful and credible!
  • Section 3: Visual Information about your products and services. Seeing is believing.
  • Section 4: Most importantly, a list of the 10 best reasons why someone should buy from you. Go through these and focus on the ones that hit the hot button with your customer.

Go to and check out free stuff…template is there for you. This is really a game changer for you, when you use it.

When used as a habit with every customer, every day, every time and without fail, you will squash a lot of objections before they arise. This is what you need to do.  This is what’s known as objection prevention.

If you can become skilled at managing objections in your presentation before the prospect raises them, you are more likely to make the sale.  Objection prevention is a critical step in you achieving the best result from every customer interaction. It just needs your total focus.

Remember as J. Douglas Edwards, world’s best ever Sales Trainer said, “Objections are GOOD, not bad”.

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