Closing skills

2 Most important words to remember  when closing the sale……

From World’s number one sales trainer, J. Douglas Edwards……

“VERY IMPORTANT”…I’m going to give you the most critical instruction I will ever be able to give you in the field of closing.

I mean this. There is absolutely nothing I can tell you that is so important.

First of all, let me tell you what a closing question is. A closing question is any question you ask the answer to which confirms the fact that the prospect has purchased

A closing question is any question you ask to confirm the fact that the prospect has purchased. For example, would you okay this for me please? That’s a closing question. Now here is a critical instruction and please highlight it, whenever you ask a closing question, whenever you ask a closing question,

Shut up  ……  Shut up

Shut up! The 1st to talk losers. You see, if you shut up, only one of two things can happen:

1… the prospect goes along with you

2… the prospect gives you a reason for not going along with you

As a professional, you can manage either one, can’t you?

I know what happens when there are 3 to 5 seconds of silence. You get nervous!

Now you open your mouth and it’s all over. I’ll grant you, the first few times you try this you going to feel the sweat on your back. Now once you get used to it, watch the prospect and watch it break out across their fore head. Any one of the sales pros will tell you how they have sat there for 15 minutes or 30 minutes, because they realise, that the first person that talks, loses the sale.

Another thing you want to know….The longer the silence, the better your odds are, getting the close and the sale.

When you ask a closing question, you, shut up, and you will make more money than you have ever made before.”

Do you suffer from salesperson’s disease?

We call it diarrhoea of the mouth.

Let’s assume for example you are an automotive salesperson, and you identify the make and model of the vehicle that your prospects are interested in. You have shown them this model in red and green. The prospect turns to you and says do you have it in white. Do you have it in white? So you say of course I got it in white. Will this get you the sale? Heck no. All that gets you is more conversation.

Let’s assume you are real estate salesperson and someone asks you…can you   have all of this finalised by February?  The salesperson looks at them and says sure, we can have  that all done by February. Does this get to the sale? No it’s just more conversation and the reason we do this is because we don’t understand the principle of what we will call yes closing

Yes closing

Now, if you were an automobile salesperson  you are involved in that situation I just told you about and someone said do you have it in white, you should say to them,… You want it in white? Because now if they say yes, they’re bought it. If someone says to you… Can we have it all settled by February?, you don’t say you can, you say Would you like it all settled by February?… because now if they say yes, they’re bought it. Any time anyone asks you a question, that you can answer by saying yes, don’t answer it.

This is using the closing technique known as the porcupine closing technique where you answer a question with a question.

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