Sales Training –  Effective Time Management

You can’t ignore work planning and goals.

“Planning is like a roadmap. It can show you the way, head us the right direction, and keep us on course.   Planning means mapping out how to get from where we are now to where we want to be.   Planning is the power tool for achievement….the magic bridge to our goal.”….Wynn Davis.

Selling is a matter of numbers. The more people you see, the more sales you will make. Make your days happen by planning them……don’t let things just happen to you.  Remember, you succeed or fail one day at a time.

Don’t work on the hope plan, work on the work plan.  Plan your day.

There are three essential segments to focus on every day of your life.

  1. Set aside a specific segment of your day for establishing your prospecting activities… It is recommended to have a minimum number for every day. For a healthy sales funnel you will need to contact at least five contacts per day.
  2.  Spend a specific amount of time working through your current prospects. This includes everyone from the initial contact stage to the closing stage.
  3. Specific spend a specific amount of time building your additional skills through some affective sales and communication skills training.

Design a schedule that sets out your minimum days activities. The minimum you will accept from yourself. Write it down and don’t go home until you have accomplished it, every day. Establish long-term goals. You reach your goals one step at a time, so plan easy steps to achieve that goal

“Your job is not to hope it will happen, it’s to make sure that it does happen”… So says J. Douglas Edwards, Master, sales trainer.

Remember, there is no one that can’t do it.

Fact:  The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities, the most important first.

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I recently read….”Time can’t be managed. But what can be managed our activities and how we spend time. And all the experts agree… Managing our activities begins with planning. So by knowing what’s important for us… Planning our work and working out a plan… We become wise managers.”
Wynn Davis.

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