7 Benefits of Sales Winning Product Knowledge

7 Benefits of Sales Winning Product Knowledge

Douglas Edwards, the God Father of modern day sales trainers said …”The common denominator between all forms of selling is the People Business.” To succeed in the people business you need a number of skills. Most importantly, the skill of knowledge.

You can’t sell something if you don’t know what it does and what its features and benefits are. This is Fact!

Product knowledge is the most essential of all sales skills. Product knowledge can be gained from using a product or service, the Internet, brochures, manufacturer information, in house demonstrations and sharing experiences with your customers. Product knowledge must be current and recognised as the habit that will pay you big dividends.

Benefit 1…You add value to the customer experience by attaining good product and service knowledge. You are seen as a valuable resource to your customer with your knowledge. You will communicate more honestly and enthusiastically.  Your body language will be more positive and you will smile more.

Benefit 2… Your customer will gain the much valued trust and confidence when dealing with someone with good product knowledge. You will also be able to give better presentations and demonstrations as a result of your focus on developing good product/service knowledge.

Benefit 3Sales growth is a guarantee when you become an expert in your product or service. The more you know, the more you earn. Knowledge really is no weight to carry.

Benefit 4 …With good product knowledge you can reduce the time spent in giving the customer exactly what it is they have requested and what they need. This is a real win-win.

Benefit 5…You are more able to handle any customer concerns or objections as they arise. With good knowledge, of your product or service, objections will become regarded as opportunities for you to show off the real benefits of your product or service.

Benefit 6…As you engage with the customer, the turning of product features into product benefits with the term “which means that” will become a sales winning habit.

Benefits 7…After sales service is a pain for most customers and service providers. You will become the go to person for after sales service because of your increased and exceptional knowledge in the many benefits of your product or service.

I firmly believe that to do and be the best in our chosen career, a HUGE focus must be given on the attainment of SALES WINNING PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE.

As J. DOUGLAS EDWARDS said “The Professional Salesperson, this great and wonderful creature that I have dedicated my life to, has one basic common denominator.  Every single one of these great Pros believe in all their hearts in their product. They have taken the time required to make the first and most critical sale. They have sold their products to themselves.”

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